Cannabis growers led armed police to their own doorstep – after exploding soft drinks cans on a hot coal barbecue.

A concerned member of public called the police after hearing the three Red Bull cans exploding, believing them to have been gunshots being fired inside a house.

Armed officers quickly surrounded the semi-detached property in Hollydale Road, Bakersfield.

They heard loud voices from the back of the house, only to find the burst cans.

Police found two men inside surrounded by cannabis plants.

Following a search, 180 cannabis plants were seized and officers also found a large amount of fertilizer, chemicals, three mobile phones and a large amount of cash.

The two men have now been sentenced to a combined total of 40 months in jail.

Laurynas Kasputis, 22, of Hollyroad Road, pleaded guilty to production of cannabis on December 18 last year and was sentenced to 20 months in prison.