The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian visitor, 25, to 10 years in jail and fined him Dhs50,000 for bringing and possessing 826 grams of hashish for peddling.

The convict would be deported after serving the terms, the Court ordered.

The case dates back to last September when a customs officer at Dubai airport suspected a bag belonging to a passenger who was coming to the country on a visit visa.

The officer stated that she asked the passenger about the existence of any materials in his possession he would like to inquire about, and he said “No”.

Upon scanning the passenger’s bag, a strange density at the bottom of the bag was detected. It was a roll inside a plastic bag.

He was referred to the relevant authorities and the materials were transferred to the forensic laboratory.

The seized substance was confirmed to be an amount of hashish weighing 826 grams, according to the laboratory report.