A restaurant has divided opinion for introducing a rule that will ban any customer from eating if they smell of weed.

Despite weed being legal in Michigan for people over the age of 21, steakhouse Caucus Club in Detroit doesn’t want people high-on-life sitting down at their tables.

The restaurant has also asked people to dress appropriately for their eatery.

Writing on Facebook, Caucus Club said: “Seriously people, hoodies and jerseys are not business attire. Neither are ball caps, and sneakers. Most importantly, if you smell like marijuana don’t even think of stepping inside the Caucus Club.”

It added that business casual was the minimum dress attire permitted in the restaurant and warned people against having ‘strong’ odours.

It seems like opinion was divided on the rule, with some backing it and others saying it wasn’t fair to refuse entry to people for what they do outside.

One supporter said: “I know it’s not a popular stance, but I for one am hypersensitive to strong smells like marijuana, cigarettes, and cigars. I literally have a physical reaction to them.”

Another added: “I totally agree with you..that smell…is disgusting and you shouldn’t go to any establishment smelling like that or your job. Just because it’s legal.. you don’t have to flaunt it…and the dress code…it’s not cool…dress for the occasion.”

But loads of people reckon it could be thinly veiled racism, with one person writing: “Lol don’t smell like weed is this a joke? and could have left it at business attire cause we all know what the description sounds like or is trying to say lol.”

Another added: “Just come out and say what kind of people you don’t want at your restaurant, no need to tip toe around what you really mean.”

Caucus Club owner George Sboukis has defended the decision and said people’s attitudes towards dining out had been weakened because of the pandemic.

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