Court acquits Kuwaiti citizen accused of carrying ‘hashish’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: The Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of possessing psychotropic substances with intent to use, driving his vehicle recklessly endangering others, and ramming his vehicle into a school wall. The Public Prosecution had charged him with possessing psychotropic substances, without proving that he had been legally authorized to use them, and driving his vehicle recklessly, exposing himself and others to danger.

According to the case file, a sergeant at the Ministry of Interior explained that he was on duty on the day of the incident when he received a notification from the Control Room about a car accident in a residential area. He rushed to the location and found the citizen holding a cigarette which seemed suspicious, and in his other hand, he had two small bags of suspicious herbs. The accused was behaving in a disoriented manner. When asked about the reason behind his condition, the citizen admitted to abusing drugs, and crashing into the school wall.

The officer concluded his statement by declaring that the items found at the scene belonged to the accused with the intention of abuse. The counsel representing the defendant, Lawyer Nasser Al-Bashir said the case of flagrante delicto was absent and that the incident was unreasonable. He added that the papers were devoid of certain evidence that his client had committed the incident and attributed the error against him. The court said in the reasoning behind its ruling that it does not comply with the accusing authority in what it attributes to the accused, and that there is no evidence in the papers that the accused was driving recklessly, as the collision was reported without anyone witnessing the accident. By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

Court acquits Kuwaiti citizen accused of carrying ‘hashish’

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