A man caught dealing drugs in a supermarket car park has told a court he used the money to pay off the mortgage on his Sydney apartment.

Electrician Jesse Lindsay Holloway owns a $1.1 million apartment in Sydney’s ritzy northern beaches suburb of Mona Vale. Just minutes from the beach and national parks Mona Vale’s residents have an average income significantly above the city’s average. Most of the cost of the flat had been paid off.

He appeared at the Downing Centre District Court earlier this week for a sentencing hearing.

In earlier court appearances, the chisel jawed Holloway was photographed looking sharp, donning shades and a casual shirt tucked out. But this week, he looked far more formal with a sensible blue suit and bookish specs.

He was convicted of 30 drugs related charges against him including supply of prohibited drug, possession of prohibited drugs and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Holloway, 29, delivered the drugs to customers in an Aldi supermarket car park. In a sophisticated operation, involving sealed envelopes, consignment numbers and messages via an encrypted app, if customers put in orders by midafternoon he would deliver their choice of ecstasy or LSD later that night.

He told the court on Wednesday that he was a middleman between a much more significant dealer and those wanting drugs. He said he had no control over who the customers were and rather than taking a cut of the lucrative takings was simply paid a regular flat rate for his trouble.

But Judge Ian McClintock was unimpressed with his explanation that he was merely a lowly drug delivery man acting on higher orders.

“I don’t believe it,” he said suggesting Holloway was in fact running his own well-oiled machine. “I find the bare proposition incredible”.

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