Conservative Australia TV Presenter Says He Was Arrested For Cannabis Possession In the 1970’s

Apparently he did so to counter the Green party’s push to legalize adult use cannabis – by the sound of his recent comments about women’s sport in Australia we’d suggest he smoke a bit more to calm down his idiotic punditry

The Daily Mail reports

Steve Price has revealed he was arrested by police and charged with drug possession for smoking marijuana some 40 years ago.

The conservative-leaning Project panellist disclosed the surprising details as he voiced his opposition to a national push by the Greens to legalise recreational cannabis.

The campaign, which is being led by doctor and state Greens MP Tim Read, also calls on the government to decriminalise small quantities of other drugs.

‘I hate what drugs do to people but I would be a raging hypocrite not to admit what had happened in the dim, dark past in my early 20s,’ he wrote in his¬†Herald-Sun¬†column.

‘Somewhere on file, in the bowels of the South Australia police department, would be, I guess, a folder with my name on it.’

Price, who was still working as a newspaper journalist, was caught by police smoking a joint with two others inside a car registered in his name.


and so on and so forth at

This is the sort of thing that come out of his mouth

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