COLUMBUS, Ohio — While responding to a call at a motel, Franklin County Deputies couldn’t help but notice what they described as a strong smell of marijuana coming from the yard of a nearby house. And strong it was: nearly 95 pot plants were reportedly growing amongst sunflowers meant to camouflage them.

The plants were “considerably tall and noticeable” according to the deputies, who spotted them after walking over towards the backyard of the home. They then approached the house on Buena Vista Avenue on Prairie Township, and say Greg Grossholz walked out of the front door. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says after getting a warrant for the home, investigators found approximately 500 pounds of processed marijuana inside, worth about $600,000 on the street.

In addition to all the pot, detectives say there were also 43 cats inside the house. The animals were turned over to family members who came to the scene.

Grozzholz is now charged with manufacture of drugs or cultivation of marijuana, a felony. The case is still under investigation