Colorado Tokers Love LSD Weed

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I get a little spooked whenever I see a strain named after another drug. Ecstasy OG and Herijuana make me feel like I’m about to smoke something other than cannabis, and it’s never good to have a grimy state of mind when lighting up. LSD, however, conjures a different vision: The expanding psychedelic effects of the drug never really scared me, so maybe that’s why the strain named after it seemed more approachable than Herijuana. (If it was called “Acid,” that might be different story.)

LSD is an indica-dominant hybrid hailing from Barney’s Farm, a world-famous strain breeder based in Amsterdam. Barney’s took Skunk #1 and Mazar I Sharif, a rare indica hybrid from Afghanistan, and created an intense, mind-bending experience similar to that of Girl Scout Cookies or other potent hybrids — but with a much more calming and relaxing effect.

While anyone who appreciates a vivid cerebral experience would enjoy the mind-bending high of LSD, it can be a little too kaleidoscopic for some. My peripheral vision is instantly eliminated upon smoking it, as is any sort of motivation to leave my seat. The heavy indica effects make it hard to imagine this being anything other than a nighttime strain for recreational purposes, but LSD’s strong ability to subdue could make it a daytime option for medical patients.

LSD is only available at a handful of dispensaries in the Denver area, including Denver Kush ClubGood Chemistry and MMJ America, but several dispensaries in Colorado Springs and Pueblo carry it. Good Chemistry’s cut is my favorite in Denver, with dense, ball- and coned-shaped buds that smell like a sweeter version of Afghani, but with much more aggressive cerebral effects.

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