Marijuana is legal for recreational use throughout the state of California, but it won’t be allowed inside Coachella in 2019. This isn’t the first year the drug was rejected from the fest, even though it’s been legalized in the state since 2016.

Coachella’s website lists a strict no-drug policy which clarifies Cannabis is not allowed on the music festival’s property. The line is not limited to just Cannabis but Cannabis products as well. It lies in a strict drug code which prohibits pill boxes from entering the fest. Even prescription drugs must be presented at entry in a pill bottle with a label that matches the festival attendee’s ID.

Cigarettes, E-Cigs and Vape Pens are the only smoking devices allowed in the festival. No liquid vape refills are allowed.

The reason for Coachella’s strict policy, despite California’s own guidelines, lies in the preferences of Indio, the town which hosts the fest yearly, according to The Wrap. Though the rest of California has chosen to legalize the drug, Indio has kept a no-pot policy.

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