Chicken farmers in Thailand swap antibiotics for cannabis, claim chickens have better meat

Farmers in Lampang, Thailand are feeding their chickens marijuana as a replacement for antibiotics, claiming this has resulted in better meat and eggs.

According to The Nation, the exercise was an experiment carried out by the Peth Lanna community enterprise and Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Agriculture.

The Peth Lanna community enterprise president Sirin Chaemthet reportedly said that the chickens developed a higher immunity against disease after consuming cannabis.

The farmers decided to use cannabis after antibiotics failed to prevent their chickens from developing avian bronchitis.

Ms Sirin reportedly added that the cannabis-fed chickens would meet customer demands for organic food.

National Farmers Council president Prapat Panyachatrak was quoted as saying that using cannabis instead of antibiotics would ensure consumer safety and “boost the commercial value of chicken products”.

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