This latest revelation will be the nail in the coffin for the show that has already been brought off air.

The Sun ( no better, we hasten to add) . reports

ITV has strongly denied all the allegations in the programme.

Stacey Talley gives her account of how she and her partner Les were made to go on the show even after they’d changed their minds about it.

And former Jeremy Kyle Show guest Dwayne Davidson alleges the production staff deliberately try to to create tension between guests, and he also tried to take his own life after the recording.

The programme was permanently axed two weeks ago after one of its guests, Steven Dymond, killed himself after failing a love rat lie detector test on the show.

Several people who worked on the programme at different times in its 14-year run spoke to Channel 4’s Dispatches, some on condition of anonymity.

Guests were sometimes encouraged to take a detour to visit their dealer en route to the studios – in taxis paid for by the production, according to an ex-producer in the Dispatches programme.

Another anonymous former producer who worked on the show recently says: “Researchers and [assistant producers] and sometimes producers would smoke weed with guests in the hotels the day before to keep them happy.

“If guests were becoming flaky they’d appease them in any way they could.

“There was a contributor who was a drug addict and had since stopped taking drugs and cleaned their act up.

“But in actual fact the show wanted them to be on drugs, because there was no ‘story’ without it.

“One of the producers was asked ‘get that person to take drugs again’ and at one point was asked to ‘leave money lying around on a table so they will take that money and go and buy drugs with it’.”