Not only are restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles offering guests CBD-infused treats and beverages, but hotels like The James Nomad and The Standard Hotel are offering either room service menus or mini bars with foods featuring this derivative of the cannabis plant.

“We’re always researching new ways to help our guests relax,” said James La Russo, a manager at the hotel, to “Moneyish.” “CBD extract is proven to have calming effects, easing anxiety and stress. With it being legal in all 50 states, we knew we wanted to get involved.”

The James Nomad consulted with renowned chef Andrea Drummer who has developed several CBD-infused comfort foods and beauty products.

“I like food that’s comforting, so I thought, ‘What do you want to eat when you’re vegging out in a great hotel room?’ Meatballs is one of those things, and I really love tater tots,” said Drummer.

Guests are willing to pay a premium for these infusions too.

“Spicy meatballs, made with 15 mg of CBD oil, are $32; tater tots with sriracha mayo are $18 and contain 10 mg of CBD oil; and a butter lettuce salad with 20 mg of CBD oil is $20. On the dessert front, there’s an ice cream sundae made with caramel sauce and 20 mg of CBD for $14,” writes “Moneyish.”

Drummer’s beauty products, like the $20 Virility Rose lip balm is also available on the food menu at The James Nomad.

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