The Mirror reports and we’re glad to see that they don’t take the Glow Bar that seriously either.


Cannabis oil is already sold in UK shops, but now it seems its hitting Britain’s cafe culture too, as CBD croissants go on sale in the capital.

Costing £7 a pop, each of the baked treats is guaranteed to contain 5mg of CBD, having been lab tested to ensure that there’s enough in each baked good.

But weirdly, the croissants will only be available on Fridays and Saturdays, set to be served up in a wellness cafe Glow Bar in London – who also sell cardamom lattes and dragonfruit smoothie bowls.

However, while CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, it won’t get you ‘high’ or stoned, with the new treat apparently being introduced in the cafe to combat social anxiety.

It might look like a chicken kiev, but it’s actually full of CBD oil, not garlic butter

Commenting on the croissants, founder Sasha Sabapthay said “CBD croissants offer our customers a fun and delicious way to experiment with CBD and experience its benefits.”

“We wanted to provide consumers with a non-alcoholic solution for overcoming social anxiety and raise awareness about hemp as a wellness supplement.”

The croissants are supplied by a company named Organic Livity, who use lab tasted (including a guaranteed percentage of CBD), organic certified, GMO free and GMP quality certified, CBD oils to infused their food.