Cayman Islands – Two Busted 30 Miles Off Coast Swapping Weed Cargo

Two men have been arrested following a drug interdiction.

On Monday, March 22, at about 2:20pm, the Air Operations Unit (AOU) was conducting security patrols when they came across two vessels appearing to meet up approximately 30 miles off the coast of Grand Cayman.

As the police helicopter approached, the two vessels separated at speed. One of the vessels set off in the direction of Jamaica and was observed discarding a number of packages.

The other vessel set a course for Grand Cayman.

The Cayman Islands Coast Guard were directed by the AOU to the location of the packages and recovered 22 packages, containing approximately 770lbs of ganja.

Police later that same evening detained a vessel and arrested two local men aged 32 of East End and 27 of North Side.

The men have now been released on police bail as the investigation continues.