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Who Is Frenchy Cannoli: Legendary Hashish Master ?

In Nepal, he tasted ten-year aged Nepalese hash and described it as “mind-blowing” in a Soft Secrets interview. He dipped into the personal stashes of master hash-makers in Morocco and the Himalayas. He discovered cannabis as a divine sacrament in India and harvested charas by hand from live flowering plants during multiple grow seasons. His travels lasted the better part of twenty years.

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Leafly Article: How Psychedelic Surf Smugglers Invented Dabs (With Help From the CIA?)

Who can’t love a CIA and drugs story. Leafly, write, “This particular airing of government grievances came at the end of a massive law enforcement campaign against The Brotherhood—a legendary network of cannabis smugglers and LSD evangelists that flooded the country with acid and hashish back in the late 60s and early 70s, before a wave of arrests and indictments took them down.”

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Looks Like Weed Is Tibetan

It all makes sense now .. the calmness of the Buddha, the calmness of the Dalai Lama and the ability to put up with the Chinese invading you and saying that actually Tibet is China when in fact it’s actually Tibet.

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Graphic Novel Exploring Racism & Weed Published In The US

In the newly released Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America, cartoonist Box Brown looks back through history to see how cannabis came to the U.S. and how two of history’s most powerful nations worked to create a narrative of fear and immorality around the drug. Reports Gizmodo

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Only in Portland. This is the important stuff in the rainy city – partner or pot

Cannabis also enhances things like food and sex—two things you and your partner are presumably already regularly enjoying together. Though I look back fondly at the years me and my ex spent together, I also look back and think how much more fun we could have had if cannabis had been part of our relationship, as opposed to a behavior I felt I needed to suppress.

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Article – “I MISS BAD WEED”

Great article by Sam Eichner For the Outline.. we know exactly how he feels …….”That’s why lately I pine for bad weed. The shwag. The shake. The plastic baggie full of crumbly and parched green-brown leaves….”

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