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Russian Arrested In Kuta For Dealing Hash

Police said today that a Russian national, identified as 31-year-old Andrew Ayer, who was arrested in Kuta for carrying over half a kilo of hashish in his backpack, is connected to a Russian drug network in Bali. 

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Boris Johnson Says Extinction Rebellion Activists Are “hemp smelling”

A backhanded jibe from the British PM or is he just being overly verbose again. We imagine most protesters wouldn’t have much of a problem with the description as the sooner we have hemp products on the shelves, building our houses and much more, there’ll be less plastic choking the planet and the fact that hemp is a great CO2 sequester is rather useful too.

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UK: Ben Nevis Hut Popular Spot For Weed Smokers

So sayeth the ever trustworthy, Sun newspaper. “The latest culprits were found by hillwalker Murray Cheshire, 24, who was hit by marijuana fumes. He followed the smell to the shelter, where he discovered two men chilling out with beer and joints.”

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The World’s Greatest Attention Seeker At It Again… Meghan Markle’s nephew is arrested ‘for wandering around Hollywood while high on drugs, shouting gibberish and only wearing a small towel around his waist’

Meghan Markle’s nephew was arrested on a felony charge after allegedly being found wandering around Hollywood while wearing only a towel. TMZ reported that Thomas Dooley – the son of the Duchess of Sussex’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. – was arrested Thursday after passersby told police that Dooley was walking down a street while shouting gibberish. 

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