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Russian Commander In Syria Fired For Being Stoned On The Job

A commander of a military police platoon, established to combat offenses among the military, has been dismissed for using hashish at a Russian base in Syria, Kommersant reports. According to the publication, Senior Lieutenant Marat Boyarchukov was caught in a state of drug intoxication on March 1, 2018. Khmeimim Air Base military commander summoned Boyarchukov to find out why he had missed the lineup and found that the officer was behaving inadequately.

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Rastafarian Leader Says Jamaican Govt Shutting Them Out Of Regulated Industry Opportunities

Of course we aren’t surprised by this but just a bizarre state of affairs…..yet another example of big business trampling on cannabis culture. “R as Iyah V. describes himself as confrontational, especially with the police.Well known in Jamaica for his outspoken support of the marijuana industry, the Rastafarian – who sports a long, white beard and dreadlocks – has had various run-ins with the law over the years.”

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Maine: A Woman Who Worked As A Drug Counsellor Was Growing Weed

The felony charge carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison and up to $1 million in fines, plus a minimum of three years of supervised release.Stephanie Beck, 41, was licensed by Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation as a certified clinical supervisor and an alcohol and drug counselor.

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More Mouldy Weed

At least they recalled it. Lightshade Labs is issuing a voluntary recall of some marijuana products sold at eight metro Denver locations. The items could contain high amounts of mold and yeast.

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