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Scuba divers’ bodies found in Sicily ‘linked to drug trafficking’

Five separate district attorney offices are working on the case, which they believe could be tied to hashish trafficking. In recent days, hundreds of packets of hashish, totalling over 100kg and with an estimated street value of over €1m, washed ashore on three beaches in northern and south-west Sicily, from Messina to Agrigento.

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Seattle Kush Delivery Service Could Be Using Stoned Drones In Near Future

“We anticipate the entire industry will adopt this where applicable,” said GRN Holding Corporation CEO Justin Costello in a December press statement, which estimates that the drones will dramatically cut down on the costs associated with getting cannabis to where it needs to go. Here at Wake & Bake we wonder iuf the drone operators will be laying off their supply whilst flying (not high). Otherwise the complications are almost too much to think about !

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