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Now Urban Outfitters Gets Into CBD , Weed Game

“Our partnership with Urban Outfitters represents a major step forward for CBD For Life, placing us in one of the United States’ most successful retail chains that also serves as a tastemaker for the rest of the retail market,” said Julie Winter, COO of CBD For Life. “With the backing of iAnthus, we look forward to further growing our footprint and making our products top of mind for consumers around the world.”

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Kasol Is Hash Heaven Says Vice Article

“I once went to Delhi, couldn’t withstand the heat and ended up coming back with an inflammation. I now never think about leaving this ‘hash hotel’.” Outside, his wife is busy chopping carrots, onions and tomatoes for the day’s dinner for their guests, soaking in the afternoon sun, as snowfall from the previous night glimmers in the sunlight.

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What Do You Not Need In Life.. The limited-edition Pot o’ Gold Peppermint Pattie Terra Bites

Luckily they were created for St Patrick’s day so hopefully the idiots out there have bum rushed the show and bought the lot..”A soft, peppermint-flavored fondant is covered in 24k edible gold, infused with cold water hash and ringing in at five milligrams of THC per candy. Think of it as the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake for those of us who prefer a gentle euphoria to the gastrointestinal nightmare of processed dairy spiked with “shamrock syrup.”

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