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Ganja Sangria Anyone !

Come on – are you serious ! Steve Tattam, who runs Winyl with his partner Whilmari Swift, has decided to launch canna-wine and canna-sangria.

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Pseuds Corner: Fizzy Drink With Weed Gets The Florid Treatment

Honestly… who writes this fluff, “Sipping Saka gave light floral and citrus notes with a hint of earthiness. With very little acid, it’s refreshing and resembles a French dry cider. The effects were felt within 15-20 minutes and produced a very nice, light buzz. Actually, a very present buzz, in fact, after a few glasses, I still felt significantly more present than I have after a few glasses of wine. More enhanced happiness, openness and giggles flowed with each refill poured.”

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Just What you needed more hemp makeup products

We love fashion, make up copy so much we just had to republish the press release. Our favourite line, “with products like the Body Shop’s Hemp Heavy-Duty Lip Balm coming to mind as long-standing cult classics.” Don’t get too excited though, you can hear about it but you can’t actually buy !

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