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Actress, Bella Thorne, Now Sells Cannabis Brand…. “Forbidden Flowers”

Of course, what else would it be called ! “The new venture, Glass House shares on the Forbidden Flowers site, aims to be a disruptor in the industry and “embodies [Thorne’s] creative, captivating, and free-spirited personality, while educating her 21.3 million devoted fans and followers on cannabis and how she uses it in her daily life.”

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Vice Article: An Indian Dealer Explains Why Instagram Is so Great for Selling Weed

“I manipulate people. I might follow them but wait for them to see my Stories to know I sell.” Bruno, 21, shuttled between Mumbai and Goa while growing up, and now lives in Mumbai. He sells hydroponic weed, hybrid cannabis and hash all over India and, surprisingly, Bali. Under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, the production and sale of cannabis flowers and resin is banned and criminalised in India.

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Is Smoking Weed Bad For Your Teeth?

While cannabis seemed to have no adverse effects on physical health indicators like lung function, cholesterol, blood pressure, and body mass index, researchers found that regular cannabis use did have a significant impact on the health of teeth and gums.

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