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“A lot of people are ignorant about CBD. They tend to generalise both CBD and THC as cannabis, which is widely regarded as drug, without knowing the differentiation of the molecules and that only THC is illegal (in Hong Kong),” explained Henry Leung, founder of the start-up OH CBD Beer.

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Cats Movie Terrifies Stoned Cinema Goers

It’s the latest big thing in legalized states, enjoying / suffering the dog’s dinner that Cats is, whilst under the influence of the devil’s lettuce. The Seattle times reports one movie goer as saying, “Vomited four times but ultimately understood the film on a deep level.”

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Cost Of CBD Tea Bags Sends Some Reddit Users A Bit Nutty

Everie’s price for a CBD teabag comes in at around $5.60 per tea bag !!!  Looking at the photo of their product we also see they are the pyramid tea bags.. not good for you or the environment we learnt from an article we read before christmas (see below) . To keep their shape these pyramid teabags use microplastics which will end up inside you, millions of them ! . So you’ll be paying $5.60 for a cup of tea that’ll poison you with plastic whilst at the same time deliver you an unknown quantity of CBD that may or may not actually be CBD. Bargain !

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Luxury Cannabis Brands Work Together To Make Sherpa Jacket

Apparently, “The special collaboration represents the modern-day union of cannabis, streetwear and youth culture” Excuse my French, but what a load of old toss. Also, “it is available in four signature Burb neutral colourways” . What’s wrong with the word colour ? Even the guy modelling it is over it already.

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