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Did THC Kill Her ?

We think not as it would be the first ever recorded case in the history of the human race.. but then again our expert is from Louisiana !

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Tom Brokaw Using Medical Cannabis To Help With Pain During Cancer Treatment

A Bit of swearing helps too ! “On the way to the coffee shop there was this enormous bus stop, with a big, big portrait of Tom Brady, looking moodily down the street in his Ugg boots,” Brokaw recalled. “And I would walk by him, look at him and drop the ‘F word’ on him, just because it would give me a kind of a lift to keep on going.”

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Reefer Madness Is Back This Week ..

We’ve lost count how many times this story has been run this week. Here’s the Economist version of it hoping that it will be slightly more balanced than the rest and the actual report which, really, is the only thing you should be reading and then making your own mind up.

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Male Cannabis Smokers Have Higher Sperm Counts

The result came as a big surprise to scientists measuring the sperm counts of more than 600 men from couples attending a fertility clinic. They expected cannabis to have a detrimental effect on sperm count and fertility. Instead, those participants who admitted ever taking the drug turned out to have higher sperm counts than non-users.

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Canada Plans Major Cancer Cannabis Study

The trial will span 48 days and involve 150 patients from Vancouver, Abbotsford, Prince George, Victoria, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto. The trial seeks to prove whether cannabis helps cancer symptoms such as pain, sleep loss, anxiety and nausea.

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