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Academy of Medical Cannabis launches medical cannabis evidence portal

The Academy of Medical Cannabis (, an internationally recognized online learning platform on medical marijuana, has launched an all-new, free and comprehensive evidence portal that will cater to healthcare professionals across the globe with the latest peer-reviewed scientific research about medical marijuana.

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Scientists Just Learned How Cannabis Makes Molecules 30x More Effective Than Aspirin

While most of us have heard of the plant’s pain-relieving cannabinoids, such as CBD, there’s a lesser known class of compounds that deserves our attention. Flavonoids are a group of natural substances that are thought to hold anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties. These compounds are found in fruits, vegetables, flowers, tea, wine, and, yes, even cannabis.

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NZ Herald Article: Medical cannabis ‘a remarkably useful drug’

“You’ve got to be prepared as a doctor to do trial and error, and personalised medicine, to find the particular strain and the family that suits that person and that condition. “It’s more subtle than normal medicine, but with a little bit of patience and with the knowledge you’ll get from initiating prescribing, you’ll get there with most people.”

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Article: Marijuana Use Results in Lower Levels of Fasting Insulin

Authored by Marian Ayad, BPharm, PharmD candidate, University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences…..In conclusion, using marijuana chronically, even as low as less than 4 uses/month, is associated with lower FINS and HOMA-IR in adults with obesity, but not in those without obesity.

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Did THC Kill Her ?

We think not as it would be the first ever recorded case in the history of the human race.. but then again our expert is from Louisiana !

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