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Weed Happy Hour On Company Time !

Office happy hours are getting a twist in states where recreational weed is legal, with employees celebrating the end of the workweek by lighting up or snacking on edibles. Reports Business Insider

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Vangst Releases 2019 Women In Cannabis Report: ‘Thousands Of Opportunities’

Not as hunky dory as they’d all like you to believe. Just as there’s a glass ceiling there’s also a weed ceiling. The report found that 38.5 percent of the cannabis space is made up of female-identifying employees. Humiston did note one underwhelming figure.”One disappointing discovery through our report was that 42 percent of companies have only one female-identifying employee in a director or executive level position.” Another 12.6 percent have no women on their staff at all.

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Boehner Is The Cannabis Avenger …

“It’s clear this market is going to expand. And as it does, lawmakers in Washington have to look up and realize that the federal government is way out of step, It’s time for the federal government to get out of the way.” Said caped crusader Boehner at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas.

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