The Daily Express reports…

The Government will announce the “rescheduling” of medical cannabis and lift restrictions to make the plant accessible to those who suffer chronic pain, severe epilepsy or nausea as a result of cancer treatment.

Until now, the drug has only been prescribed in exceptional circumstances.

The groundbreaking announcement will take place in a fortnight with the drug being legally prescribed by specialist doctors weeks after, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The change follows a gruelling battle from campaigners and will place Britain among other nations that have relaxed laws on medical cannabis such as Germany, which gave the drug the nod last year.


Former science minister George Freeman had urged Britain to “lead the world in the enlightened regulation of modern medicine”, and added the legislation would bring a “huge business opportunity” to the UK.

Britain already produces 60 percent of the world’s cannabis for pharmaceutical research.

The announcement will only apply to cannabis oil that contains THC, which is a chemical which produces “highs” when the drug is used recreationally.

Cannabis oil that does not contain THC is legal in the UK and can currently be purchased in stores on most high streets.

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