Cannabis Mall Coming To The Mojave Desert

Yes , that is, apparently what’s happening.

Green Market Report write

A California city in the Mojave Desert will convert its abandoned outlet mall into a “cannabis super center,” with plans to erect nearly two dozen marijuana farms and multiple retail fronts beside “stores, entertainment, and supermarkets.”

The Barstow City Council voted 3-1 Tuesday night to approve the 23 cannabis licenses tied to the project, SFGATE reported. The property’s developer already has started construction on the 29-acre complex, which is expected to have 330,000 square feet of cultivation space, making it home to one of the largest cannabis grow operations in the United States.

The development received criticism that “out-of-town investors with high-level political connections have been marketing, funding, and even completing months of construction on a bet of easy permit approvals since before Barstow’s first cannabis-biz applications were filed in December 2021,” Victorville’s Daily Press newspaper wrote in December.

The outlet reported that the crux of the contention has “focused less on the contents of applications and comprehensive agreements before the city” than “how much more time and vetting the city should use to scrutinize those agreements and the entities behind them.”

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Cannabis Mall Coming to the Mojave Desert After City Approval

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