The Guardia Civil have detained a ferry passenger in Puerto de la Luz, who was travelling from Lanzarote to Gran Canaria, with 90 blocks of hashish weighing 8.7 kilos in a sports bag in the boot of a car.

The intervention was the result of the surveillance and inspection service carried out by Border Control agents during the disembarkation of vehicles and passengers in Gran Canaria.

Agents made a random selection of passengers and vehicles who were chosen because of their experience in this type of operation, especially this driver because of his attitude and the fact he was acting so nervously.

When they pulled him over they proceeded to identify him, and the canine drug detection unit searched his car, which he started to protest against forcefully. However, this all changed when they found the holdall in the boot containing a large amount of drugs

In total there were 90 blocks of a brown resinous substance, wrapped in transparent plastic, giving off the strong characteristic odour of hashish. Many of them had a “shahrukh khan” anagram; apparently identifying the variation of hashish.

Once the drugs were seized, they carried out the ‘narcotest’, which gave a positive result for cannabis, with a total weight of 8.7 kilograms.

The police report, the detainee, and the seized substance were made available to the Investigating Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , ordering provisional detention.


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