Data shows dads will be smoking more with Canadian cannabis legalization.

The typical marijuana consumer is often pegged as being young adults between the ages of 18 and 34, those ripe with reckless enthusiasm, who, perhaps, in their own naivety and inexperience, are almost always willing to throw caution to the wind in their pursuit of a life extraordinary. This wild-eyed demographic has been known to go off the deep end, at times, and even sell off pieces of their eternal soul to just prolong, what they perceive to be, a single life-changing encounter. So it would make sense that this is the part of the population that is destined to consume the most cannabis, right?

Well, not exactly. Some of the latest data shows that middle-aged dad-types will be the ones toking it up the most once Canada finally legalizes later this summer.

new report from global network Deloitte LLP finds Canada’s legal pot market is going to pull the “conservative experimenter” out of the woodwork, putting more customers between the ages of 35 and 54 on the floors of retail dispensaries. These are the people who may have smoked pot back in college who, for the obvious reasons, put down their bongs for careers and the responsibility that comes with having a family.

The study finds that 74 percent of this old school demographic has had some experience with recreational marijuana in the past. Another 41 percent has consumed the herb for non-medical purposes within the past five years, the reported added.

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