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Narcity … reports

Next time you light up you may want to think about the damage you’re doing to the environment, at least that’s what politician Cheryl Gallant says. The Conservative MP blames weed for greenhouse gas emissions in a recently surfaced video that has garnered attention on Twitter.

In the video that has been seen by over 9000 Twitter users so far, Cheryl Gallant, the Conservative MP for the riding of Renfrew-Nippissing-Pembroke describes what she calls the “Pot Paradox.” She goes on to say that it’s ironic that Justin Trudeau is imposing a carbon tax to lower carbon dioxide emissions while also legalizing marijuana.

Gallant says in the video that “by lighting up a joint…we have a new law that promotes the emission of carbon dioxide.” She also mentions all the “negative health benefits” of lighting up a joint but doesn’t go into what those “negative benefits” are.

In the most recent tweet that is circulating, it’s not clear when exactly this video is from or the context of these comments, but with an election coming up, it’s not surprising that it has resurfaced recently. In response to the video, Canadians are left wondering about the logic behind these statements. Some are wondering how Gallant even got elected in the first place.

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