The Toronto Star reports

“Am I going to jail?”

This was Clifford Warriner’s first question after being arrested for cannabis trafficking last year.

In Sarnia Court April 19 Warriner received his answer. No jail time, but a sizeable fine and other penalties were ordered by Justice Krista Leszczynski.

Warriner, 60, appeared to be on the fortunate side securing a non-custodial sentence as Leszczynski expressed serious doubts about his excuse for the incident.

The trouble took place outside a Kettle Point cannabis store last February. Anishinabek Police had been investigating suspected cannabis trafficking and pursued a man after spotting him speaking with the dispensary owner.

The man, Warriner, didn’t get far from the store before he was pulled over. A heavy odour of marijuana was immediately detected. This came from the 11 pounds of vacuum sealed cannabis in the vehicle, along with 2,000 cannabis cigarettes, 145 CBD drops, 33 CBD bath bombs, 3 vials of cannabis oil and 0.5 grams of hash.

A check of Warriner’s cannabis licence showed he was approved to have 90 grams of cannabis for personal use, a far cry from the more than 5,000 grams he was found with. While Warriner works in the cannabis industry as a consultant, he had no distribution rights for the drug. The total value of all Warriner’s cannabis products was $50,000.

Court heard Warriner amassed such a large amount of drugs by regularly accepting payment from cannabis businesses in the form of product rather than money.