Canada: Soldier who gave out cannabis cupcakes during live-fire training endangered 150 troops

A stoned soldier nearly crashed a truck, one stared at trees instead of guarding his post, others strummed a ukulele, fell asleep, giggled, felt paranoid or ill

A Canadian Forces bombardier who handed out cannabis-laced cupcakes to fellow soldiers from a military canteen during a live-fire drill endangered her comrades and betrayed their trust, a panel of appeal judges said.

Chelsea Cogswell’s covert distribution of spiked cupcakes that made soldiers high while training with artillery — “an instrument of death and destruction” — was a danger to all 150 troops at the large-scale training exercise in 2018, an appeal court said in its reasons for judgment published Friday.


One stoned soldier was driving soldiers to an airstrip when he felt “mind-altering symptoms” and nearly crashed into another vehicle.


Another soldier felt “spaced out” and walked around staring at trees instead of guarding access to a field where artillery rounds would be exploding. A colleague fell asleep in the back of a truck, court heard.


At the gunline, a soldier was smoking while trying to play a ukulele, and another was improperly loading artillery shells. Others variously said they had unquenchable thirst, felt paranoid, nauseous, belligerent, or sluggish. Other soldiers arrived with their artillery gun giggling away.

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