MJ Biz report

Ontario is projected to reach 1,000 licensed marijuana retailers by the end of this summer, marking a key growth milestone in Canada’s largest provincial cannabis market.

That rapid market expansion, however, could lead to a thinning of the herd, with a number of Ontario store operators telling MJBizDaily they expect a significant shakeout among retailers.

Ontario was initially a laggard in cannabis store rollouts but recently overtook Alberta to become home to the most marijuana retailers of any Canadian jurisdiction, commensurate with the province’s population of nearly 15 million.

In a recent presentation to retailers shared with MJBizDaily by an attendee, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), a government-owned wholesale monopoly that supplies private retail outlets, said it “(remains) committed to opening 1,000+ retailers by Sept. 1” despite the complications of COVID-19 lockdowns.

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