Caliva CEO Dennis O’Malley explained his decision to hire full-time drivers and treat them appropriately.

“While we are required to treat our new hires as employees, the company decided to include ten days of paid vacation time, paid holidays, paid medical, and 401k plans. As a company philosophy, it just makes sense to treat our workers with respect.”

Additionally, employees receive discounts on the company’s products, which hopefully they do not consume while driving.

The local police department has vetted and “badged’ the drivers assigned to the company’s San Jose facility. The badging process includes a background check. The drivers are then issued a unique ID by the department and added to their registry. Employees who leave the company or who are terminated, must relinquish their badge, as per the division of cannabis regulations. Only a certain amount of IDs are allocated. This rigorous process is designed to ensure customer safety.

“The drivers are going to be carrying our brand and our products to our consumers. We thought it was imperative to continue to build on a job that we think is vital to our business,” O’Malley says regarding his courier team. “We think the future of cannabis is certainly in providing convenience and we are looking to build up a great driver force in order to offer that.”

These latest hires are just a small part of the growth taking place in the Caliva organization. The company’s human resources have nearly doubled since December of 2017, growing from a team of 161 people to a current roster of 335 employees –112 of whom were just recently hired in Q3 of 2018.

The growth will continue well into Q4, with 26 job openings currently posted on Caliva’s website, and an additional 17 delivery drivers are needed in the San Jose, California market.