What started out to be a courtesy report regarding an open garage door instead led police to the seizure of hundreds of marijuana plants.

The incident, on Thursday night, Oct. 1, occurred about 10:30 p.m. in the 2400 block of Jessica Circle, according to Escalon Police Chief Rob Lackey.

“Officer (Travis) Sharp was on patrol and he noticed an open garage door,” explained the chief. “He also noticed that the door going from the garage to the residence was open and there was no light on in the home so he was going to attempt to notify the residents of the doors being open.”

As the officer approached the home, Lackey said, he noticed a “heavy odor of marijuana” emanating from the location. Sgt. Gustavo Flores and additional officers responded to the scene and subsequently, a search warrant was served for the premises.

“Over 450 mature marijuana plants were found,” Lackey said, noting that the residence – which was being rented – had been turned in to an illegal “crude” grow-house operation, with exposed wires hanging down everywhere and special lights on the plants as well as chemicals found on scene.

“There was more marijuana than furniture,” Lackey said. “The residents were not there … it appears as though they left in a hurry.”

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