A California-based weed company is looking for a paid summer intern to smoke weed, try a range of its edibles, topicals and other products, and write reviews for them, Your Content has learned.

Those who wish to apply must be at least 21 and be a California resident, and the company wants someone who isn’t casually into marijuana products, the internship recruitment ad reveals.

It will take more than just luck to land the role though; as well as being a weed aficionado, the successful applicant must have the ability to write creative content, while also being ‘timely and attentive to detail’ – which might not be so easy when you’re smoking weed all day every day.

To be in with a chance, you also need to be a California resident, as you’ll be required to frequently visit one of the company’s retail locations in Los Angeles or La Mesa.

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The position will be paid at a rate of $15 per hour, up to 16 hours per week – though obviously the copious amounts of free weed is the main perk of the job.

You’ll also be entitled to an employee discount, in case the 600+ products you’ll be reviewing don’t quite fill your boots.

The internship ad reads: “This paid three-month internship is a cannabis aficionado’s dream come true.

“We are seeking a passionate, detail-oriented creative writer to review every single product on our weed delivery platform, Emjay.

“This person will be responsible for writing descriptive, unique, and creative copy and reviews about a wide array of cannabis products. Edibles, vapes, flower, and more – the types of products will run the spectrum.

“The person in this role should understand cannabis culture, what makes consumers tick, and be able to describe Emjay’s ever-evolving menu of product offerings.

“This ideal candidate has experience with cannabis, experience writing, creating digital content, and a desire to use their voice to help inform the masses. E-commerce, journalism, and marketing are all desirable.