This week, a Richmond-based medical cannabis company announced that when a customer presents a valid COVID-19 vaccination card, they will offer the product of their choice for a penny.

According to the 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center, this promotion is an effort to further accelerate vaccination progress in Contra Costa County and is available to anyone who has been vaccinated at least once.

In particular, 7 Stars wants the county to reach out to inadequately serviced areas where there may be no fair access to vaccines. To achieve that goal, 7 Stars has applied for a mobile COVID-19 vaccine site through the California Public Health Service.

“We wanted to provide a platform to help the state achieve its goal of immunity to COVID-19,” said Zee Handoush, executive director of 7 Stars, in a statement. ” I saw other local companies offering vaccine incentives and wanted to add cannabis to their growth list. I hope other members of the cannabis community will do the same. ”

Residents who have been vaccinated at least once are advised to visit 7 Stars at 3219 Pierce St. in Richmond to receive a penny of cannabis products.