CA: Another $3.3 Million Worth of Cannabis Seized in Antioch

For the second time in a matter of weeks, the California Department of Cannabis Control was back in the City of Antioch which resulted in another seizure of a large amount of cannabis. In total, more than $7.3 million has been seized in the two operations after warrants were served at 16 homes.

On Sept. 7, a total of 9 search warrants on unlicensed indoor cannabis cultivators were served inside homes within the City of Antioch by the DCC’s Law Enforcement Division (LED), with the assistance of Antioch Police Department, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Antioch City Code Enforcement.

The search resulted in a total seizure of 68.9 pounds of cannabis flower, 5,200 cannabis plants, worth an estimated retail value of $3.31 million.

Illegal equipment Found on Sept. 7 during search warrants.

Additionally, DCC’s detectives seized over $15,000 in cash and five firearms, including one illegal assault rifle.

Antioch City Code Enforcement red tagged all nine locations, effectively removing the houses from the power grid for code violations related to improper electrical wiring.

On August 31, a similar operation was conducted within Antioch where 8 search warrants were issued resulting in seizure of 447.65 pounds of cannabis flower, 5,251 cannabis plants with an estimated value of $3.99 million. They also seized $7,880 in cash and 1 firearm.

“California is committed to aggressively combating the illegal cannabis market by pursuing policy and enforcement actions such as these – actions that a protect our power grid, housing stock, and public health and safety; safeguard the environment; and support licensed operators,” DCC Director Nicole Elliott said in a statement. “Coordinated actions with our law enforcement partners help us establish and maintain a safe, sustainable, and equitable cannabis market that benefits all Californians.”


Another $3.3 Million Worth of Cannabis Seized in Antioch

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