CA: 10,000 Marijuana Plants, Half Ton Of Processed Weed Found In Temecula

TEMECULA, CA — A search warrant served Wednesday in Temecula turned up 10,000 marijuana plants and approximately 1,200 pounds of processed cannabis, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reported.

The law enforcement raid took place in the 29000 block of Santiago Road and was triggered by a citizen complaint about a possible indoor marijuana grow, according to the department.

No arrests were announced.

Commercial cannabis businesses are prohibited in the city of Temecula, including commercial medicinal, recreational, cultivation, dispensaries, laboratories, etc., according to the city’s municipal code.

The code does provide exemptions for personal recreational and medicinal cannabis use, but the amount of marijuana cultivation allowed for these purposes is regulated to a much smaller amount than what was allegedly discovered during Wednesday’s raid.

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