Umm – it’s all down to the weed !

Never crossed their mind that if there was no weed they’d be even more violent ?


  • A study of 300,000 teens and young adults found cannabis use alters the brain 
  • Addicts may also suffer withdrawal symptoms that could cause anger problems 
  • Experts say the link between cannabis use and violence is a ‘neglected area’


People who regularly smoke cannabis are almost three times more likely to commit a violent offence as those who abstain from the drug, new research has found.

Scientists involved in a landmark study of almost 300,000 teenagers and young adults believe that over time, prolonged cannabis use profoundly alters the brain, making the user less able to control their temper.

In addition, the research found addicts may also suffer from withdrawal symptoms, making them irritable and prone to lashing out.

Psychiatrist Professor Sir Robin Murray, a world-leading expert on the neurological impact of the drug, said the link between cannabis use and violence was a ‘neglected area’.

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