OK magazine have the cannabis scoop about Bradley Cooper today !

The Star Is Born actor wearing era-appropriate clothing and wig, while filming Paul Thomas Anderson’s yet untitled film in Los Angeles – Hollywood sources are speculating that he is playing the mega-producer Jon Peters in the upcoming movie, or a character that is based on the cannabis mega-investor.

Jon Peters

Details of the movie are being kept under wraps, but the film centers around a high school student who’s an actor. Images coming out from the set show Cooper sporting white bell-bottoms along with an unbuttoned white shirt with a silver necklace.

The outlet also reported that an old image of Peters with his ex, singer Barbra Streisand., shows the producer wearing the same outfit, not to mention the same shaggy hairstyle and beard.

Peter worked as a famous hairdresser in Hollywood and then became a mega producer with several hit films including the 1976 version of A Star Is Born, Rain Man, Tango & Cash and others. He also had a credit on Cooper’s A Star Is Born remake.

He was also recently married to Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson. for a brief period.

Source. https://lacannabisnews.com/bradley-cooper-playing-movie-mogul-cannabis-mega-investor-streisand-ex-in-new-film/