This sort of stuff makes our blood boil ….

Here’s the press release

The K.Haring Glass Collection is an exclusive line of glass pipes and accessories featuring artist and social activist Keith Haring’s iconic graphics, which incorporate broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery that helped spread messages of peace, love equality and compassion in the 1980s during the AIDS epidemic.

The blending of timeless pieces, modern design tweaks, and Haring’s artistic vision have resulted in one of the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient glass pipe and accessory lines ever.

Unlike many glass lines, the K. Haring Glass Collection honors a piece of history and pays homage to Haring’s bold, energetic artistry that still excites and engages audiences today.

Art for the Masses

Haring’s brief, but impactful career began in New York City’s subways in the 1980s. Inside the subway stations, he experimented with white chalk drawings on unused black advertising paper. It was an easy way to get his artwork in front of a lot of people, and it worked.

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Pop Art Meets Glass Art with The K. Haring Collection