Big News From The World of Pro Westling ! The Godfather says Shane McMahon owns a Cannabis co-op, Vince McMahon would love for everyone to smoke weed

Former WWE star The Godfather appeared on the Midnight Hustle podcast this week to talk about life after wrestling. He also talked about getting the call for his WWE Hall Of Fame induction, partying during the Attitude Era, how he got weed in every town during his days in WWE, how Vince McMahon feels about marijuana, how the Papa Shango gimmick was born, drinking with Curt Hennig, being an outlaw biker, working at strip clubs, country music, backstage fights, fighting The Undertaker at the hotel, why he doesn’t like Hulk Hogan and more.

On Vince McMahon’s stance on marijuana (wrestlers are fined $2,500 for each positive marijuana test):

What you are failing to realize is that’s a big corporation and they answer to a lot of people so if they let people smoke weed, it’s not federally legal and you’re still breaking the law no matter if it’s legal in states. If it was up to Vince, Vince would have everybody smoking. Vince is no fool but he has people to answer to and it’s a big company. He just can’t say it’s okay to smoke weed because what happens if you go to a state where it’s not legal. They bring the police in, they test you and there’s a lot of legal things. It ain’t because Vince don’t want to. The second it becomes legal, Vince would be the first one on that wagon. I mean Shane owns a [Cannabis] co-op in California. A big co-op. [Vince is] not against weed, he’s a businessman. I’m telling you, I know this 100 percent, he would much rather see people smoke cannabis than all this other stupid sh** if it was up to him, believe me.

Why The Attitude Era couldn’t happen in 2021:

“In the last 12 years, I’ve been to WrestleMania 10 times because I’m still under a contract with them, it’s called a Legends contract. They keep me relevant. They bring you to WrestleMania every year and you do signings and stuff but I told my wife I don’t even wanna go anymore because it’s not fun, it’s a job. It used to be a chance to hang out with the boys. We had something called the bewitching hour at  12 o’clock, everyone would meet at the bar and everyone would get drunk and have fun. Nobody does that anymore because they are too afraid that somebody is gonna take a picture of them [or taping] them in a conversation [or] showing them taking shots and showing them on some girl they’re not supposed to be on. Nobody does that anymore and when I was in wrestling, not everybody was friends but you were family…it’s more a business now. It’s more how many followers you have, how many likes you get. It’s just a different business now. I’m not hating on nobody. If wrestling has changed it’s because people want it to change and the promoters are just keeping up with the times. I just say I’m very proud and lucky to have been part of The Attitude Era.”

He also talked about how WCW saved money by hiring Virgil over him, how marijuana saved his life after being hooked on pills in the early 90s, BSK and DX co-existing in the locker room, Yokozuna rapping and playing basketball, and more.

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The Godfather says Shane McMahon owns a Cannabis co-op, Vince McMahon would love for everyone to smoke weed

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