Avicanna subsidiary in Colombia sends feminized seeds to Lesotho

Canadian biopharmaceutical Avicanna Inc. (TSX: AVCN) (OTCQX: AVCNF) will send feminized cannabis seeds to Lesotho for the first time.

On Thursday, the Toronto-based biopharmaceutical said that its majority-owned subsidiary Marta Golden Hemp S.A.S. located in Colombia has completed the first commercial export of feminized cannabis seeds to the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The development, standardization and production of these seeds were all completed through Avicanna’s vertical integration at SMGH located in Santa Marta, Colombia.

The standardized and feminized seeds are a part of the Aureus product portfolio which includes CBD, CBG and THC seeds, resins or whole plant crude oils, cannabinoid distillates, and isolated cannabinoids.

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Avicanna subsidiary in Colombia sends first feminized seeds to Lesotho