Canberra based sneaker company, Blac Sneaker Co, is planning to turn 2021 into a positive eco-friendly year. Their recent The Original in both White and Black (RRP$139) is made from Hemp and Cotton, one of the most eco-friendly materials in shoes. Hemp is an excellent material for shoes, because it’s durable, strong, anti-microbial (say goodbye to smelly shoes) and kind to the environment both as it grows and is harvested. All of this without compromising on style.

Positive Steps Program:

Blac Sneaker runs a positive step program focused to make a positive impact in the Australian community. The program plants trees, purchases carbon offsets, donates to charities and supports local programs. To date they have already planted trees, purchased offs-sets and donated to charity before turning a profit. Blac sneaker is setting their aim high with committing to at least 2% of their turnover to charity, environmental sustainability, or community education and to be officially carbon positive by the end of 2021.

Hemp Benefits:

Excess carbon in the atmosphere has been linked to increased global temperatures. Hemp is a carbon fighting machine in this space and is known to be a heavy lifter in absorbing carbon. Hemp absorbs more carbon than many other plants.

Hemp yarn has been used in rope for hundreds of years due to its strength.  It’s a great textile for the slow fashion and sneaker industries, as it won’t stretch out of shape and is incredibly strong. Stronger yarn in fashion products means longer lasting pieces of clothing or shoes.

As shoes are a necessity for work and play, BLAC Sneaker’s aim is to get more people moving in shoes that are better for the environment. More people in hemp sneakers or in fashionwear increases awareness of these issues.