Australia: Weed found in Alice Springs quarantine delivery

Northern Territory police say a small quantity of cannabis was found in a parcel sent to a guest in mandatory hotel isolation during a routine inspection.

Deliveries from family and friends of items such as takeaway food have now been stopped, a Territory Families spokeswoman said in a statement on Tuesday.

However, quarantine residents can still order goods from “click and collect” suppliers, such as the major supermarket chains, she said.

Welfare packages are also being supplied to people when requested.

The changes came into effect on Friday for new arrivals.

Current guests were given an extra week to adjust to the changes.

The changes do not affect the Howard Springs quarantine facility, near Darwin, which has never allowed family and friends to deliver packages.

All travellers to the NT from COVID-19 hotspots must undergo 14 days’ mandatory isolation at their own expense.