Australia: WA MP Brian Walker asks Parliament to consider making cannabis available to help WA couples in their sex life

Cannabis MP Brian Walker has used Valentine’s Day Parliament question time to ask if cannabis could be made available to help WA couples in their sex life while citing a recent US study.

Mr Walker said the East Carolina University found women who “regularly partake in cannabis enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling sex life” and asked the leader of the house and Women’s Interest Minister Sue Ellery to advocate for it.

“Now that these papers have been drawn to her attention, will she follow the science and use her new role as Minister for women’s interests to advocate within Cabinet for freer access to cannabis for women across WA and if not, why not?” he said.

His question was met with a decline from Ms Ellery, who told him she wouldn’t play into a part of his campaign.

“Don’t use me for your cute campaigning,” she said.


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