Australia: Victoria Police uncover cannabis ‘grow house’ in Melbourne, then arrest man in separate incident for possessing a firearm

In a series of incidents in Melbourne’s north-west, police have uncovered a cannabis “grow house”,  in addition to arresting a 34-year-old man for possessing a firearm.

Victoria Police have uncovered a cannabis “grow house” in Melbourne’s north-west.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning police were called to a home on Cardigan Crescent at Taylors Lakes after a neighbour heard a “burglary in progress”.

Police allege the offenders fled the scene before officers arrived.

Before entering the property, police found what appeared to be “remnants of cannabis plants” on the driveway.

Officers then discovered what they claim is a “hydroponic cannabis set up” inside the house and four rooms packed with cannabis plants.

According to police, a fifth room at the property appeared to have been cleared-out by the alleged offenders.

A short time later, police guarding the scene in Melbourne’s north-west then saw a grey Ford Focus “driving slowly” past the house.

“Checks revealed the vehicle was believed to have been connected to a recent incident in Sunbury where a member of the public sighted a man in possession of a firearm,” police said in a statement.

“A nearby unit pulled over the car and officers discovered a firearm inside the vehicle.”

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