Australia: Queensland to relax drug laws, implement three-strike rule for people carrying small amounts of drugs for personal use

The ABC Australia reports

Drug laws in Queensland will be relaxed for anyone caught carrying small quantities of illicit substances like heroin, cocaine or ice, with users to be given three chances before facing a criminal charge.

In changes introduced to parliament on Tuesday, a warning will be given the first time someone is caught carrying a small amount of a dangerous drug.

The offer to complete a drug diversionary program will be made on the second and third occasions.

The changes will come as a result of expanding the police drug diversion program to those found in possession of personal quantities of all illicit drugs and unlawful pharmaceuticals.

Currently the program is only offered to people found with personal quantities of cannabis who are not facing other charges.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the changes had been requested by the police service and would implement a “common sense” approach to minor illicit drug use in Queensland.

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