Lucy Haslam Founder/Director of UNITED in COMPASSION Ltd writes


SEP 28, 2020 — 

Hello everyone,

Last year I had asked some country music artists to write a song for Dan’s cause and I’m pleased to share that the song, Mother Flower, is out now. Mother Flower is more than just another country music song….it is the anthem for a movement based on love and the dignity that comes with relief of suffering.

You can click here to listen to it here


On a freezing cold July night in 2019, a group of 40 or so budding songwriters along with some of country music’s finest in Jen Mize, Shane Nicholson, Kevin Bennett, Lyn Bowtell, Felicity Urquhart, Jeff Gibson, John Krsulija & Jeremy Edwards, sat around a big country fireplace, watched the documentary ‘High as Mike” for inspiration, and wrote the words and melody to Mother Flower.

They tapped into their own feelings in a way that is hard to describe. They have beautifully captured the emotion of the patients they saw in the film: the double standards imposed by the politicians, the unnecessary suffering, the fear, the anger and the pain. I am so grateful to these wonderful artists who really got behind the cause for no personal gain.

The campaign to legalise medicinal cannabis has been a long, arduous journey that began years ago when my son, Dan, and I started to lobby for change. Dan died at just 25 years of age in February 2015 and exactly one year later, Dan’s Law was passed. But soon we realised that the system made it immensely difficult for patients to access and afford medicinal cannabis.

Since then we have been campaigning for meaningful change. It is our hope to reach the wider Australian community through the documentary “High as Mike” and this song, to share the experiences of patients and their families trying to access cannabis medicines. I hope Australia gets behind it to help us #FixDansLaw.

Please listen to the song and share it with your friends

Thank you for your continued support,