He said reports of “unusual odours” had lead to crop seizures and arrests in the past.

While there have been no crop seizures this month, Inspector Bernie said there were several major seizures in the past few months. These included:

  • 500 cannabis plants were found after Hume Police District officers executed two search warrants on February 6. Cannabis plants were found at a Tickner Valley Road home, near Marulan and a home on Thurns Road, Razorback.
  • On July 5 three men were charged after a search warrant uncovered nearly $5 million worth of cannabis plants at a property on Jerrara Road, Marulan.
  • Police seized more than 2800 cannabis plants, worth $8.6 million, after they executed a search warrant at a rural property on Old Macquarie Road, Brayton on May 28. Three men are due to appear at Goulburn Local Court on July 22.