Queensland police have allegedly seized over $300k in cash and cannabis during a failed drug deal in a Brisbane hotel car park.

Brisbane police allegedly interrupted a drug deal in the car park of the South Brisbane Novotel Hotel on Tuesday. According to police, officers from Taskforce Sentry discovered two men and a suspicious large briefcase in the car park.

When the suitcase was opened, it was found to contain roughly 14.5 kilograms of cannabis, worth over $261,000 on Brisbane’s black market.

Officers then searched the hotel room of one of the men where they discovered $103,000 in cash.

This led police to arrest the two men: 38-year-old David William John Gellvear from South Australia and 51-year-old Queensland local Greg Suttie. Gellvear was charged with trafficking and possessing dangerous drugs, possessing items used in the commission of a crime, and possessing property obtained from trafficking dangerous drugs. Police also allege they seized a cypher phone from Gellvear.

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Brisbane police seize 14.5 kilograms of cannabis from a briefcase during a failed drug deal