More than 90 kg of cannabis plants have been seized and destroyed by ACT Policing after a Belconnen man was found to have exceeded the personal limit of two plants.

The 42-year old was issued a formal caution on Monday (15 March) and the four plants, which were kept on his balcony, were confiscated.

Under ACT law, one person cannot be responsible for cultivating more than two plants, regardless of how many people live at the address.

While the man lived with a housemate, he was the only resident cultivating the plants. This is considered a breach of Section 618(2)(a) of the Criminal Code 2002 (ACT) which states that it is an offence if a person cultivates three or more cannabis plants.

Four cannabis plants have been confiscated from a Belconnen residence. Photo: Supplied.

ACT Policing noted that if there are three or four plants in a residence, they must be cultivated by at least two residents.

Following the incident, police have encouraged the Canberra public to familiarise themselves with the relevant laws.