Executive Editor Michael Roy speaks with Stéphane Potvin, Ph.D., and Alexandre Dumais, M.D., Ph.D., about their meta-analysis investigating the association between cannabis use and violence, and, more specifically, the perpetration of any type of physical violence by adolescents and young adults (https://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/doi/…). How prevalent is the use of cannabis among young people? [2:23] What are some of the adverse outcomes that are linked to the use of cannabis, and are these outcomes linked to other difficulties over time? [4:06] Why has the literature been mixed as to whether there is a link between the use of cannabis and violent behavior and aggression? [6:11] How the authors chose their research objective [8:15] Steps of the meta-analysis [9:51] Methods used to analyze the data [11:33] Main findings [14:12] Potential mechanisms that may have a role in the perpetration of violence [16:17] Implications for young people who use cannabis [18:07] Limitations affecting the results [19:19] Does the medical use of marijuana have any bearing on the work? [21:43] Takeaways for mental health professionals and the general public [22:31] Recommendations for further research [23:55]