Atlantic City celebrates first recreational marijuana shop opening on 4/20

Atlantic City is taking a new gamble and they think pot is the answer. City officials say selling recreational marijuana could bring AC to a new level of prominence.

An epicenter for all things cannabis on the east coast. And it’s all being celebrated Thursday on 4/20, the unofficial national holiday for smoking marijuana.


“It’s a long time coming and I think all states should be this way,” Nelson Cuesta said.

One year after New Jersey legalized marijuana, Atlantic City is celebrating the opening of its first recreational pot dispensary on New York Avenue. About a block from the iconic boardwalk.

“I love Bally’s, I love the casinos, so I’m glad they’re finally opening up something that’s really, really close,” Aaliyah Trapp said. “And I’ll be able to smoke.”

“I took off from work this week just to be here, so it’s party time,” Crenshaw said.

Across from the city’s third annual 4/20 festival, a line of people waited patiently outside MPX NJ.


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