Gulf Today reports

A 25-year-old Asian engineer was arrested on drug-trafficking charges and referred to criminal court for possession of 2.27g of hashish in Dubai.

The incident dates back to February of 2020, when the anti-narcotics department received information about the defendant’s drug use activities and accordingly, investigations were carried out.

Police learnt that the defendant was in possession of drugs and psychotic pills.

They successfully located his whereabouts in Abu Hail area and a team was formed to ambush the defendant.

Arresting officers apprehended the drug-trafficker and found hashish in his possession.

The defendant chose to remain silent at the time of his arrest.

Anti-narcotics teams seized 4 pieces of hashish, weighing 2.27g, which were hidden inside 3 plastic rolls.

The defendant was subjected to undergo a drug test which came out negative.

He admitted to his crime but did not state the reasons behind his possession of drugs.